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Welcome to Pixelr Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
We aim to offer our customers a range of advanced reliable and practical instruments and solutions. With our decades of experience and know how in the field of digital image analysis, material characterization, dimensional measurement, industrial quality control, we are aware of the actual market need and the shortcomings of the existing products available in the market. This has driven us to build instruments and solutions to tackle the practical issues faced by the market. Our products deliver Reliable, Repeatable and Accurate results in practical condition adhering to national and international standards.

Our products

Automatic Particle Size Analysis system, Image Capturing and Measurement, Microstructure Analysis, Microhardness Tester, Non Contact Measurement system, Customized Solutions.

Our Vision

Pixelr Vision is a fully integrated system for the users seeking reliable, repeatable and accurate result.
You can select additional modules of Pixelr Vision for Material Science and Bio Science applications. Most popular modules like Grain Size Analysis, Inclusion Rating Analysis, Weld Measurement, Area / Volume Fraction analysis, Porosity Analysis and many more. Pixler can offer any Customized Application module based on the customer specific requirement.