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Pixelr Imaging allows the users to capture high resolution images from microscope or other optical system. Do linear measurement with annotations & reports with statics.
Key features:

Key features:

  • Image Calibration
  • Illumination Correction
  • Image Stitching
  • Extended Depth Of Focus
  • Linear Measurement
  • Compare Image
  • Annotations 


The Pixelr PV4 Particle Size Analysis is designed with advance technology adopting AI and machine learning concepts to carry out automatic Particle Size Analysis at high accuracy and high speed.

Pixelr vision PV4 is a fully integrated system for users seeking reliable, repeatable & accurate result. PV4 is developed with innovative CLEARVIEW (patent pending) optical system, which provides unmatched clarity and shadow free image of the particles for all kind of filter samples. This CLEARVIEW technique helps to achieve high clarity images of filters without a cover glass or even with the cover glass.

It is easy to select any standard method like, ISO 16232, ISO 4407, VDA 19, USP 788 and test can be performed. Same time any custom defined method can be easily accommodated by the user. This makes the system more adoptive and reliable for particle size and shape analysis. Pixelr Pv4 can identify, segregate, count, measure and classify metallic, non-metallic, fiber particles in the sample.

Automated Reporting

Reports are generated automatically after each analysis and can be customized according to the demand. User can add company logo, Images taken during analysis, graph, statistic and results. Blank Results are stored and applied on the analysis sample. Report is generated with auto selection of largest particle images along with analysis results.

Accurate & Intelligent, Easy to operate, Regional language support, Pre-defined Standard methods, user defined methods/standards, particle tracking, innovative accessories, Standard Sample

PV4 Add-On

The PV4 Add-on can be offered as fully integrated solution or can be used as a retrofit to your existing optical system. This adoptive system can be configured to your native languages, feel and mood.

Typically an upright microscope, a motorized stage, and a high-resolution camera are selected to fit your specific image analysis need. We ensure a seamless integration of all components.
  • User friendly layout for Easy Operation
  • Complete automated Operation
  • Convinced Durability
  • Innovative CLEARVIEW Optical System
  • Excellent image Clarity
  • Provision to use multiple filters per sample

FPH sample holder

With the help of Pixelr FPH sample holder, one can easily analyze the filter paper with poor flatness or having wavy surface without loosing focus at any part of the membrane filter.